5 tips to make your total language investment effective
5 trucos para que la inmersión en Inglés


5 tips to make English immersion effective

Good English language learning methods require students to immerse themselves in the language, both culturally and psychologically. Below, we are going to share 5 tips for effective English immersion.


Going to an English-speaking country

The 5 tips for effective English immersion:

First things first, it is best to travel to the destination country to ensure initial enthusiasm. In other words, you must step out of your comfort zone to improve your skill set and expand your social circle in English.

But even now we live in an era called “socializing”, something that is easier than before and it is becoming easier to learn another language such as English without leaving your home country.


Participate in English meetings and the 5 tips to make your English immersion effective:

It is possible that study time can take up a lot of your time and may distract your attention from learning English.

However, making international friends would bring a great deal of learning in English. Even on social networking websites you can find groups to practice the language.

Participation in these types of meetings, especially those related to foreigners, will be beneficial in terms of language learning. There you will have the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned from books in real life.

There are also many communities on Skype, Google Hangouts, Instagram , Twitter y Facebook , Tiktok. For example, just type in a keyword, such as “English group” or “English exchange” to search for groups.


Think in English and the 5 tips to make English immersion effective:

Thinking about the language also plays an important role in learning and it is necessary to speak the way native speakers speak their language. For example, Mandarin Chinese speakers refer to the elderly as “grandfather” and “grandmother” even though they are not biologically related.

So you have to think in English and not translate “I’m hungry” as “I am hungry” or “I am hungry” but by what it evokes.


Use English frequently and the 5 tips to make English immersion effective:

Our brains tend to forget things, so it is necessary to exercise the habit of using English at all times.

You may come across the same word several times as you are reading or listening. This is a way for our brain to store in long-term memory and it would even be better if there is some emotion attached to the situation.

Use English frequently, no matter for what: reading, speaking, writing or listening. Perhaps the simplest of ways would be with online radio stations or TV streaming. You can listen to the radio while doing other tasks, such as cleaning the room, cooking or going to work.


Change the language of your devices and the 5 tips for effective English immersion:

Electronic devices and websites offer numerous multilingual features, so you can use English on your devices. For example, you can set the language of your smartphone to English, the language of your computer, Facebook, twitter or Youtube.

5 tips to make English immersion effective


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