First Certificate: the minimum level you should have in English


First Certificate: the minimum level you should have in English.

Studying a First Certificate course : the minimum level you should have in English B2, has never been more important for everyone and even more so in this new “online” virtual world of 2020. We have been thrown into the void! And that is why we strongly recommend you to consider, at least, learning a language such as English.

It is that in this interdependent online world due to Coronavirus, effective communication skills are necessary for us to be active and productive workers. To meet these virtual communication needs, you need the First Certificate: the minimum level you should have in English, so that you have a minimum value of the English language and can make yourself understood.

With a primary level of English, you are in touch with certain complexities of the language, basic vocabulary and fundamental grammar. You will also have the tools that will allow you to better acquire the language to be able to defend yourself.


First Certificate: the minimum level you should have in English.

We offer you initial tools to help you learn to speak English:

We have the best teachers and prepared in various branches of education so that your learning process is adequate. These English teachers have undergone several tests to determine their fluency and understanding of the target language, and to determine their knowledge.

That is why we guarantee you the best teachers for your initial contact with the language so that you can understand how the language works, reinforce it, repeat it, internalise it and have fun. You are also provided with tools to add more vocabulary and keep you in touch with the language.

With First Certificate: the minimum level you should have in English: you will have your first basics of English linguistics, so you will be able to understand the sound systems of the language and the basic rules of how to form more complex sentences. You will also understand how to construct simple and complex sentences, consisting of phrases, clauses, verbs, nouns and objects.

What a student will get with the First Certificate: the minimum level you should have in English:

Phonology and written language are also important and this is best learned from thematic areas. Your teacher will be able to help you progress and identify grammatical errors, pronunciation mistakes and register errors typical of beginners.

You will also be able to identify and recognize some errors and patterns in spoken language. The primary certification process will also give you some ability to infer the meaning of some words or phrases according to the context and this is very favorable to further cement your language learning.

  • aprender a escribir un inglés con más claridad y precisión.
  • expresar tus opiniones y empezar a entender diferentes puntos de vista.
  • aprender a escribir cartas, mails, correspondencia comercial, informes, redacciones, historias y muchos otros tipos de textos
  • obtener una comunicación más clara y efectiva.
  • mejorar comprensión de las noticias actuales.
  • los valores culturales asociados con ciertas palabras, frases y expresiones.

First Certificate: the minimum level you should have in English.

Your first contact with English will be a great life experience:

With the First Certificate course you will learn to discriminate differences according to culture. For example, English spoken in Scotland differs from English spoken in the southern USA. You will learn new ways of life and expand your knowledge of the world.

Our teachers are experts at showing what daily life is like in the target culture, comparing it to your own and including current affairs, history, traditions, literature, performing and visual arts, intellectual movements, beliefs and values, and geography.

By being able to identify similarities and differences, you will have a greater understanding of the two cultures. The certification process will help you to be more efficient in the language and to develop your potential and skills to the fullest.

And finally, if you are interested in receiving personalized virtual English classes that motivate and stimulate your English learning and that favor “SPEAKING”, here you will find more information about the English classes we teach(or even French) at Airlinguee .

First Certificate: the minimum level you should have in English.


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