Adult Equestrian Horse Riding In Ireland with Airlinguee

The Adult Equestrian Horse Riding In Ireland is ideal for horse riders who have a passion for horses, want to speak english and wish to gain confidence in the saddle, show jumping, on the flat or cross-country. Customised horseback riding for all those riders who may not even have ridden horses for some time.

Adult Equestrian Horse Riding In Ireland Program:

  • Personalised groups: 4-6 riders max.
  • Course given in English.
  • 2 hours of daily riding lessons.
  • Flatwork, show jumping and cross-country lessons.
  • Guest at our on-site national show jumping competitions.
  • Four sand arenas.
  • Riding levels: beginner-intermediate.
  • Participate in equestrian show jumping competitions (optional).
  • Located 1 hour from Dublin airport.
  • Three nights: Thursday – Saturday.
  • Six nights: Monday – Sunday.

Adult Equestrian Horse Riding In Ireland: Accommodation 3 – 6 nights.

The Adult Equestrian Horse Riding program includes 2 hours of daily horseback riding in an international environment in flatwork, show jumping and cross-country lessons. The courses are given under the instruction of equine experts who hold over 30 years of experience teaching adult horse riders, children and teenagers. There will never be more than 7 students per class so that our horse riding instructors can provide personalized attention to each horse rider. On-site equestrian accommodation: minimum of 3 to 6 nights. Horse riding levels for adults range from beginners to intermediate. Participants are encouraged to participate in the end of course equestrian horseback competition, which is held on the last day of each equestrian program. 

Equestrian facilities:

  • International Equestrian Centre.
  • 80 hectares,  spectacular landscapes.
  • 4 arenas – 1 all-weather 60 x 25 metres, 3 grass and multipurpose arenas.
  • Full cross country circuit with 30 jumps.
  • National and international cross-country and show jumping competitions.
  • 30 horses and ponies for jumping, equestrian events and flatwork.
  • Equestrian shop with cafeteria.
  • 2 Bars and restaurants (national competition days).
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi and recreational areas.
  • Golf courses nearby.
  • Meeting room, Parking and WIFI.

Adult Equestrian Horse Riding in Ireland:

This equestrian centre is located on 80 hectares of lucious pastures & fields including, both indoor and outdoor show jumping arenas, mini cross-country circuit,  private parking area, additional equine services and exclusive equestrian facilities. Horse riders on our horseback riding program in Ireland will ride in both indoor and our outdoor facilities, where you can enhance all your disciplines in flatwork, show jumping and cross-country with our experts. We encourage horse riders to try out all our facilities and improve their equestrian skills under the guidance and personalized attention from our international experts (Irish, British and American) in horseback riding, with more than 25 years of experience teaching flatwork, show jumping and cross-country horse riding lessons. And all in English. Golf courses nearby.

Equestrian Centre Accommodation:

  • Onsite accommodation in the equestrian centre.
  • Cosmopolitan atmosphere.
  • Quiet and cozy environment.
  • Rooms with 1, 2, 4 and 6 beds.
  • Common dining area.
  • Recreational areas.
  • 2 Bars and restaurants (national competition days).
  • Horse shop and café.
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi.
  • Basketball and Tennis court.
  • Maximum capacity 24 people.
  • Located 1 hour from Dublin Airport.


Prices for Adult Equestrian Horse Riding program:


Dates April – June 2022

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Adult Equestrian Horse Riding program includes:

  • Two hours of  riding lessons in flatwork, show jumping or cross-country.
  • Full board.
  • Accommodation in the equestrian centre farmhouse.
  • English classes offered on request (optional).


Not included:

  • Round-trip airport transfers: €200
  • Arrivals from 5pm onwards / Departures in the morning.
  • Accommodation in a single room has an additional cost of €100: 6 night-stays,  €50: 3 night-stays.
  • Flights not included.

For longer equestrian staycations, groups or other dates, please feel free to contact us. We’ll do our best to accommodate you!



The Adult Equestrian Horse Riding program is ideal for horse lovers who want to improve their self-confidence, flatwork, show jumping or try out our cross-country course or who may not even have ridden a horse for some time and fancy getting back up in the saddle!

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Customer Recommendations on Adult Equestrian Horse Riding In Ireland:

“I really enjoyed my equestrian holiday in Ireland with Airlinguee. Together with my partner I enjoyed the horses, the beautiful place and talking and learning English with the teachers at the riding school. We had such a great time, also thanks to Bronagh Reade who has been a great help. I recommend Airlinguee for adult riding holidays!”


Chantal Frints
Operational Buyer

“Airlinguee offers an excellent service led by Bronagh Reade, combining her undying love and passion for horses riding  and learning english in the saddle!  It’s an incredibly gratifying experience.

Mon Sanchéz
July 2019

“Upmarket Equestrian center, super personalized and organized riding lessons. The landscapes, no comments! :)”

Joan Ferrer
June 2019


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