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Flatwork, Show Jumping and Cross Country.

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The Equestrian Horse Riding Hacks in Ireland program and horseback riding program are ideal for families, couples or groups who are looking for an equestrian adventure and have a passion for flatwork, show jumping or cross country.

The Equestrian Horse Riding Hacks program:

  • Family run Equestrian Farm.
  • English immersion.
  • 153 hectares.
  • Onsite Equestrian horse riding hacks.
  • 2 hours of daily horseback riding.
  • Jumping and cross-country programs.
  • Family stays.
  • Groups, individuals and couples.
  • Beginner – competitive levels.
  • Located 1 hour from Dublin Airport.
  • One-week-stays.
  • Horses: Irish draught, Connemara, Irish sport horse.

The Facilities:

  • 153 hectares with spectacular landscapes.
  • 4 arenas – 1 indoor 42x22m.
  • Grass show jumping arena- 100x50m.
  • Multipurpose arena – 30x55m.
  • Full 80-hectare cross county course. 
  • 200 jumps.
  • 42 stables.
  • 25 horses and ponies for flatwork, show jumping, equestrian eventing.
  • Livery.
  • Onsite equestrian eventing.
  • Equine exhibitions.
  • Horse Riding Tack shop.
  • Beginner-advanced levels.

The Equestrian farm:

This family-run equestrian farmhouse is located on 153 hectares of of lush pastures, perfect for equestrian horse riding hacks and treks, amidst show jumping and flatwork arenas as well as a full cross country course. Students and riders will receive personalised attention and expert equine instruction from our international horse riding instructors and will be encouraged to try out all the horse riding facilities to maximise their horse riders disciplines and competences in the saddle. In addition, the equestrian centre and farmhouse is approved by “The Irish Riding Establishments” and “The British Horse Riding Society” and national equestrian events are held, subject to seasonal shows. Moreover, and to truly benefit from your stay here, all horse riders and guests are encouraged to make the most of all of the onsite Equestrian horse riding hacks’ facilities or farmhouse and surrounding areas. With 30 years equine experience under their belt and the common parlance is English.

Equestrian Horse Riding Hacks Ireland Accommodation:

  • Equestrian centre and farmhouse.
  • 153 hectares.
  • Onsite Accommodation.
  • Rooms with 2-4 beds.
  • Onsite Four-bedroom apartment.
  • Home cooked food.
  • International atmosphere.
  • Quiet and cozy environment.
  • Recreational areas in the house.
  • Parking (nearby).
  • WIFI.
  • Maximum capacity 24 people.

Equestrian Horse Riding Hacks Ireland Pricing and Accommodation:


For more information on available dates and prices, please contact us directly.


* Included in Equestrian Horse Riding Hacks Ireland program:

  • Full board.
  • Accommodation on the equestrian farm.
  • Flights not included.
  • Equestrian horse riding hacks Ireland Flatwork, Show Jumping or Cross Country lessons on Request.

For group stays, available dates, half board or low season (September-May), please ask us for a quote.


Still have doubts as to which program to choose, click here for more information and price comparison!

Equestrian Horseback Riding in Ireland and the Intensive Multidisciplinary Equestrian programs are ideal for families, groups or couples who are looking for an unforgettable     equestrian experience,  have a passion for horseback riding or training on show jumping and cross-country courses or on the flat!


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Customer Recommendations on Equestrian horse riding hacks in Ireland:

“Staying on the farm was awesome. Lovely rooms and delicious homemade healthy food!”

Paula Johansen


“I really enjoyed the cross-country circuit.”

Joel Rodriguez
August 2019

“Je l’ai passé génial!  Les chevaux sont magnifique”.

Anick Blandin
July 2018

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