Horse Riding and English Camps in Ireland

Learn English and Horse Riding at one of our Horse Riding and English Camps in Ireland.  Certified by “The Association of Irish Riding Clubs Establishments” & “The British Horse Society” horse riding schools and equestrian centres in Ireland with Airlinguee.

If you are looking for full immersion in the English language whilst developing your horse riding skills and competencies under the careful schooling of expert horse riding instructors, our Horse Riding and English Camps in Ireland are suitable for horse riders of all competencies aged between 10 and 18 years of age and upwards. 

As well as English language students searching for a full immersion in the English Language, come and experience our multi-activity, sailing or surfing summer camps with other international students. A guaranteed experience in one of our reputable English language schools, horseback riding centres or horse riding schools.

Horse Riding and English Camps in Ireland:
Program 1.

Horse Riding and English Camps in Ireland. English Language School which collaborates with a local  Horse Riding School on 15 hectares of spectacular countryside and landscapes. Family Holiday Homes or Host family accommodation with rigorously selected Irish Host Families. Including 3 hours per day of Horse Riding and English language lessons in a warm and welcoming environment. Have fun improving your Flatwork, Show Jumping and Mini Cross-County Course disciplines. Approved BHS Equestrian Centre. General English and Activity courses, ages: 5 years upwards. Horse riding levels: Beginners – Intermediate. Summer Camp Availability: June – August. Stays of: 1 – 4 weeks.

Horse Riding and English Camp Ireland:
Program 2.

Equestrian Centre. Coaches in the Junior Irish National Show Jumping Team. Onsite Equestrian Accommodation, residing with the owners and other international horse riders. Three-tiered programmes, subject to horse riding abilities and competences. Also, the course includes 3 hours/day of horseback riding + 2 hours/day of English lessons. Perfect your Flatwork, Show Jumping and Cross-Country courses with horseback riding experts. Certified and Approved AIRE Horse Riding Centre. 80 hectares of natural landscapes. Friday Show Jumping Competition and Prize-giving day. Ages: 8 to 17 years. All Horse-Riding Levels: Availability:  April to November: 1 – 8 week-stays.

Horse Riding and English Horseball Camp Ireland:
Program 3.​

Horse Riding and English Camps in Ireland. Prestigious International Language School,  Equestrian Centre.  Student Residencial Accommodation or Host Family. ACLES Certified and Approved. Horse Riding Camp includes 3 hours/day of English classes,and 2 hours/day of Horse Riding lessons in our AIRE-approved equestrian centre. Speak English with other International Horse Riders and enhance your Flatwork, Dressage, Show Jumping, Cross-Country and Horseball skills on 50 hectares of stunning  countryside and mountain views. Ages: 11-17 years. Horse Riding Levels: Beginners – Advanced: 4-15th July 2022. Two-week programme only. 

Horse Riding and English Camp Ireland:
Program 4.

Horse Riding and English Camps in Ireland. Specialists in Show Jumping. Onsite  Equestrian Centre. Three-tiered show jumping programmes, subject to Horse Riding Level and Experience: Flatwork, Show Jumping, Cross Country and Horse Riding Treks on 100 hectares of stunning landscapes, forests and Atlantic beaches. Included in equestrian camp: 3 hours/day English Classes + 3 hours/day Horse Riding in the Equestrian centre with qualified teachers on the Riding School grounds. Certified English Language School (ACELS Approved). From 10 years upwards. Horse Riding Levels: Strong BeginnerIntermediate – Advanced. Availability: June – August. Equestrian stays: 1 – 8 weeks.

English and Horse Riding Camp in Ireland:
Program 5.

English Language School and Horse Riding School. Student,  Residential Housing or Host Family Accommodation. Prestigious English Language School (ACELS approved). 3 programmes: English Language and Horse Riding – Riding and Multi-Adventure –  Horse Riding and Summer Surfing  Camps. Courses include 1.5 hours/day of horse riding in our horse riding school and 3 hours/day of English classes. Disciplines in Flatwork in the Horse Riding School, Show Jumping and Horseback Riding on Atlantic Beaches and Dunes. Ages: 12-17 years. Horse Riding levels: Horse Riders must be competent at the Gallop. Summer Horse Riding Camp: 2 -6 week-stays.

Intensive Equestrian Camp and English Ireland:
Program 6.​

Prestigious Equestrian Centre and English Language Summer Camp. Thoroughbred Stud Farm on 80 hectares of spectacular countryside and natural surroundings. Horse Riding Camp includes 1.5 hours of English Classes + 3 hours/day on horseback. Flatwork, Show Jumping, Cross-Country, Hacking & Trekking. AIRE Approved Equestrian Centre: The Association of Irish Riding Establishments (AIRE). Riding Centre specialised in National Show Jumping Competitions and Local Horse Riding Shows. Family-run Equestrian Centre and Horse Riding School. Ages: 11 – 18 years. Horse Riding Levels: Beginners – Advanced. Equestrian Summer Camp Availability: 1 – 4 weeks.

Adult Horse Riding Programmes and English Language Camps Ireland

Our Horse Riding and English Programmes for Adults in Ireland are suitable for both novice & experienced horse riders, groups of friends, families and couples. If you are looking to enhance your equestrian skills and would love to train in Flatwork, Show Jumping, Cross Country or go Trail Riding or Hacking through forests, fields, mountains and Atlantic beaches, look no further.

Polish up on your horse riding skills, under personalised equine instruction, having been training Irish and International Horse Riders for many years.  Equally, this is naturally a unique opportunity for horse lovers to enjoy and refine their horse riding techniques, competitive performance & learn about the care of horses in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Likewise, for those seeking full immersion in English, an unforgettable equestrian experience in our prestigious horse riding and equestrian centres!

Subject to the horse riding programme, course or camp you choose, horse riders will ride every morning and/or afternoon in our approved and certified horse riding schools. Concurrently, for foreign English language students, English Classes are included in the curriculum.  Come and experience a once in a lifetime holiday in English and Horse Riding in Ireland!

Young Adult Horse Riding Courses in Ireland

Two programs: Ages 18 to 22 years: Horse Riding for Young Adults and  +22 years: Trail Riding. Approved ACELS English Language School and approved Irish Riding Establishments Horse Riding School. 3 hours per day of English classes + 1.5 /2 hours of horseback riding. Training in Flatwork, Show Jumping and “Trail Riding”. Horseback riding trekking in Dunes and Atlantic Beaches. Horse Riding Levels &: Competent at the Gallop and in Show Jumping. Availability: Easter, June to August and Halloween. Min and Max Stays: 1 to 3 weeks.

Horse Riding Course for Adult Riders Ireland

Bespoke programs for horse riders who have not ridden in some time, are a beginner or just wish to regain confidence in the saddle. Introductory Cross-County classes. All tailored to those who wish to regain confidence in the saddle under the personalised instruction of equine experts. Come and join our 2 hours/day program in small groups and stay in our onsite Equestrian Centre accommodation while training in Flatwork, Show Jumping and Cross-Country. Horse Riding Levels: Beginners-Intermediate. Available: April – June. Horse Riding Accommodation: 3 and 6 nights.

Horseback Riding Hacking for Adults in Ireland

Accommodation in our quaint Equestrian Farmhouse suitable for groups, individual riders, couples, accompanying friends and entire families. Horseback Riding Hacks on 153 hectares of countryside and natural landscapes: 2 hours of daily horse riding. Or for those horse riders considering an Intensive Show Jumping program, Flatwork, Full Cross-County course or “Easy Rider” equestrian programs. Horse Riding Levels: Beginners – Competitive levels. Availability on demand. Farm-house accommodation. One fully-equipped apartment. March – November. 1 week stays, only.

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Airlinguee is a company formed by a team of qualified teachers, consultants and coordinators for companies and individuals, we focus our services on English and Horse riding camps in Ireland and English Courses in Barcelona and abroad.

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