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Specialized Competitive Show Jumping Course Ireland

Tailored to horse riders who already compete in show jumping at a competitive level and wish to polish up on their equestrian sporting techniques with expert horse riding instructors.

Specialized Competitive Show Jumping Course Ireland

From April to October: Ages 18-21 years. 

Specialized Competitive Show Jumping Course Ireland Program:

  • Residential Equestrian Centre.
  • Ages 18 to 21 years.
  • Programs: Sunday-Sunday.
  • Customised Horse Rider Programs.
  • 3 hours / day Show Jumping techniques.
  • Enhance show jumping competition performance.
  • Gain valuable course competition know-how.
  • Improve your horse’s agility and strength.
  • Fitness of horse rider.
  • Learn how to “square up” the horse correctly to the jump.
  • Compete in local Show Jumping Competitions. (optional).
  • AIRE approved Equestrian Centre.
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Specialized Competitive Show Jumping Course Ireland: 1-8 week-stays.

Specialized Competitive Show Jumping Course Ireland:

The Specialized in Show Jumping and Competitions in Ireland program is for the more Advanced Horse Riders.

You will already compete in Show Jumping Competitions and have proven experience in jumping from at least 1 metre. We also cater for those interested in enhancing their Cross Country techniques too.

In addition, this Specialized Show Jumping course will allow the rider to demonstrate his or her true capabilities in the saddle, which provides optimum performance at competitive levels.

You are also invited to compete in local national show jumping competitions during your stay. The course will allow the student to focus on show jumping techniques under expert horsemanship supervision. 

With more than 25 years of experience teaching competitive Irish and International Horse Riders. To confirm a place, please send us a recent video of you show jumping. 

To truly benefit from our Specialized Show Jumping Camp, a two-week minimum  is recommended. The equestrian centre is approved by “The Irish Horse Riding Establishments” and “The British Horse Riding Society”.

Specialized Competitive Show Jumping Course Ireland English classes:

  • Optional English tuition. (Ages 18 to 21 years).
  • Learn the technical lingo for International Jumping Shows in English.
  • OPCIONAL 2 hours of daily English classes.
  • Timtable: Monday to Friday.
  • Cambridge Level Testing.
  • Emphasis is placed on the technical language in Show Jumping Competitions.
  • Average: 10 students per class.
  • Language Skills: oral expression and fluency.
  • End of course Certificate.
  • Qualified English Teachers.

Specialized Competitive Show Jumping Course Ireland Facilities:

  • Equestrian Centre and Livery.
  • 80 hectares including spectacular forests and mountain views.
  • Private residence.
  • 2 multipurpose arenas: 50m x 50m and 60m x 40m
  • Complete 50 hectare Cross County Circuit including 35 jumps.
  • 43 horses and ponies for show jumping, flatwork and cross country.
  • Horseback riding in the mountains and forests.
  • Recreational areas.
  • Internet-Parking area.

Specialized Competitive Show Jumping Course Ireland Equestrian Centre:

The Equestrian Centre is approved by The Irish Riding Club Association. Furthermore, the owners are coaches of the Irish Junior Show Jumping team. 

The 80 hectare equestrian centre overlooks mountains and forests and is located a short distance from the beaches. This equestrian centre consists of an indoor and outdoor arena and a cross-country course.

Additionally, one of the 20 onsite horses and Ponies will be matched with your personal horse riding level to train in Show Jumping. 

Come and meet our family and we will take you on a unique experience in technical horsemanship. Make friends in an international horsey environment, doing what you love most and enhance your English language skills at the same time.

Specialised Competitive Show Jumping Course Ireland

  • Residential run family home.
  • Quiet and cozy setting.
  • Dormitory-style rooms: 2 to 6 beds.
  • Common dining areas.
  • Recreational areas.
  • Internet.
  • Laundry service.
  • Adult supervision.
  • Maximum capacity 24 riders.
  • Located 1 hour from Dublin Airport.

Prices and Accommodation Specialized Competitive Show Jumping Course Ireland 2023:

Spring – Easter – Autumn – Autumn: April-November.

Airport Arrivals/Departures: Sundays: 8am-8pm. 

P2.2 Specialized Competitive Show Jumping Course Ireland 2023
Full Board Equestrian Centre
Shared Room Accommodation
1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks Optional / week Dublin Airport
Return Transfers
Competitive Riders: 13 to 17/18 to 21 years
Minimum Horse Riding Levels:
Competent jumping at: 1m
15 hours enhancing Competitive Performance-Show Jumping Techniques- Cross Country
5 hours of Stable Management Onsite Leisure Activities
Weekly day Trip
10 hours of English classes:
:+ €100
Participate in local show jumping competitions: + €100/ rider approx.
Sunday Airport arrivals & departures:
+ €100 / student

Included in the Specialized Competitive Show Jumping Course Ireland:

  • 15 hours of Riding lessons and Show Jumping /week.
  • 5 hours of Stable Management Classes in English.
  • Personalised evaluations and feedback from equestrian experts.
  • Certificates presented the end of the course.
  • Onsite activities every day in the evenings.
  • Full board accommodation in dormitory-style rooms.

Extras not included in Specialized Competitive Show Jumping Course Ireland:

  • 15 hours of English classes / week at an additional cost of: 100 euros.
  • Participating in official show jumping competitions has an additional cost of: €100.
  • Round-trip transfer costs to and from Dublin Airport at an additional cost of: €100.
  • Saturday Day Trip (optional): Sightseeing, shopping or attending a show jumping competition.
  • Flights not included.

The Specialized Competitive Show Jumping Course Ireland is ideal for Young Adult COMPETITIVE horse riders and students, who wish to improve their Show Jumping techniques, in small groups and make international horsey friends! Full English Immersion.

Speak English and horse ride with the experts!

Live, learn, ride!

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Specialized Competitive Show Jumping Course Ireland. 

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