Dressage Camp in Ireland

Rider accommodation

1 - 2 weeks

Qualified teachers

July - August

Dressage Camp in Ireland

The dressage camp in Ireland is tailored for riders and equestrians looking to refine their skills at a riding school run by a classical dressage competitor! Riders will benefit from the guidance of a seasoned professional, well-versed in dressage competitions, in-hand training techniques and natural horsemanship!

Dressage Camp in Ireland:


  • Student accommodation 1 km away.
  • Riding school and country pursuits centre.
  • Monday to Monday programmes.
  • Ages: 13 to 18 years old.
  • 2 summer camps: Dressage or Show Jumping.
  • 2 hours of English classes daily.
  • 3 hours of daily riding or contact with the horse.
  • In-hand dressage schooling.
  • In-house horse riding competitions on Saturdays.
  • Tack up horses.
  • Average of between 8 to 12 students.
  • Show jumping and cross-country to 80cms.
  • Expert in dressage.
  • Approved AIRE Riding School
  • *Suitable for beginners with experience to intermediate riding levels.

Dressage Camp in Ireland:

The dressage camp in Ireland offers a unique experience for students passionate about the art of riding. Meticulously designed to immerse participants in the fascinating world of dressage, this summer camp combines expert instruction with the thrill of working harmoniously with majestic horses.

The classical dressage skills of children involve learning to ride horses with grace and control. They begin by mastering basic techniques such as sitting correctly in the saddle and using the reins to communicate with the horse. They learn more advanced movements and patterns, such as circles, transitions, and diagonals, as they progress. Children develop balance, coordination, and confidence in their riding abilities through patient instruction and practice. Dressage teaches them how to work with their horse as a team and instills essential values such as patience, discipline, and respect for animals.

Students can perfect their technique under the guidance of highly qualified instructors, learning the fundamentals of dressage and exploring advanced techniques to improve their connection with the horse. In addition to practical lessons, the dressage camp offers full immersion in Irish equestrian culture, with complimentary activities including country walks, excursions to historic riding-related sites and the opportunity to connect with other horse lovers.

Horse riders are taught to ride in true harmony to bring out the natural elegance and beauty of each horse on this dressage camp. Students will also learn to work the horses from the ground as well as from the saddle to form a good partnership.

We have a variety of schoolmasters. They all work in a good outline and some work up to elementary level doing leg yield, shoulder in, quarters in, counter canter, collected and medium gaits. There will be classroom lessons to study equitation theory. Students and horses will also enjoy relaxing fun rides hacking by the lake shore.

Show jumping and Cross Country Camp:

In addition, the show jumping and cross country summer camp is specially designed for student riders who wish to develop their jumping skills up to 80 cm while enjoying an enriching experience with the horses and improving their English language skills. This exciting program combines the thrill of jumping with the natural beauty of the Irish countryside, offering participants the opportunity to overcome challenges and perfect their technique under the tutelage of expert instructors. In addition to practical lessons, students will immerse themselves in the English language and culture, interacting with native speakers and participating in activities designed to improve their fluency and confidence in the language.

English classes: Dressage Camp in Ireland

  • Teachers certified by "The Quality Assurance Body for English Language Teaching (ELT) in Ireland".
  • Classes will be held in the equestrian classroom.
  • 2 hours of English classes per day.
  • English level tests.
  • Tuesday-Saturday.
  • Between 6-14 students per class.
  • Average of 8 students per class.
  • English classes focused on the vocabulary of:
  • Horse anatomy.
  • Horse care.
  • Equine terminology.
  • Natural horsemanship.

Facilities: Dressage Camp in Ireland:

  • RIding school spanned over 50 hectares.
  • 20 horses/ponies/cobs – Connemara pony/ Irish sport horse/cobs/thoroughbreds
  • Country pursuits centre: boating, falconry, archery.
  • Pet corner.
  • Multipurpose Semi-indoor arena (20mx40m).
  • Cross country up to 80cm.
  • Horses and ponies suitable for dressage or jumping and cross country.
  • Horse riding hacks along the shores of lakes and rural trails.
  • Equine Professional Training. Levels 5 and 6 QQI
  • Equestrian training courses. BHS.
  • Recreational areas.
  • Internet.
  • Private parking area.
  • Approved by The Irish Riding Association: A.I.R.E.

Accommodation, Dressage camp in Ireland

The horse riding facilities are situated within a country pursuits centre and are approved by the Association of Irish Equestrian Establishments (AIRE), which guarantees high standards of safety and quality in all activities. In addition to riding lessons in classical dressage, show jumping, cross country and in hand dressage training, the centre offers summer camp programs, archery, falconry and boating. Providing an exciting opportunity to explore the world of horses and nature in over 50 hectares of fields and meadows.

The owner is passionate about dressage and teaching people to ride in true harmony. Having also competed in dressage competitions in Ireland for many years. Relevant Horse Sport Ireland accredited instructors.

Accommodation Dressage Camp in Ireland:

  • Student rider accommodation.
  • International, peaceful, and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Shared rooms with 2-3 beds.
  • Wardrobes.
  • Picturesque gardens.
  • Internet.
  • Washing clothes facilities.
  • Supervision by certified centre staff.
  • Maximum capacity 14 students.
  • Located 2.5 hours from Dublin airport.

Dressage Camp in Ireland 2024 Prices and Stays:

Summer Equestrian Camps

Rider accommodation at Guest House, located 1 km from the equestrian centre, Available dates: Monday, July 1 – Monday, August 12.

Airport arrivals / departures: Monday mornings.

P7. Dressage Camp in Ireland:
Full board
Student Guest House Accommodation
Shared rooms
1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks Special diets/week Shared return Dublin Airport transfers
P7: Dressage Camp in Ireland
Beginner, experienced - intermediate levels.
2 hours of Dressage lessons/day
1 hour in-hand dressage schooling lesson
Horseback riding hacks optional

Equestrian Camp
Show Jumping and Cross-Country
Beginner-Intermediate levels
3 hours of Show jumping & Cross-Country, up to 80cms & horseback riding hacks & trekking/day.





Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Allergies, etc.: + 50€.

Monday mornings only.
Arrivals and Departures, between 10am-12pm 200€.

Program Schedule P7 & P7.1 Dressage Camp in Ireland:

  • 8.00: Breakfast at the guesthouse and transfer to riding school.
  • 9.00: Catch horses, groom and tack up.
  • 10.00: Riding lessons: classical dressage or show jumping/cross country
  • 11.00: English classes.
  • 13.00: Group lunch in the equestrian club house or gardens.
  • 14.00: In hand training of horses /P7.1 show jumping or cross country.
  • 15.00: Horseback riding hack.
  • 16.00: Country pursuits activity. (Boat trips-falconry-archery).
  • 17.00: Feed horses, clean tack, return horses to fields/paddock.
  • 18.00: Dinner & supervised evening time. (Games night/supervised country walk/movie night/baking).
  • 22.30: Bedtime.
  • Saturday: In house dressage or show jumping competition.
  • Sunday: Group excursion to forest on lakes, lunch in forest cafe.
  • Activities: Teens will have supervised group activities 5 days a week. Activities include, videos, games, reading.
  • Please note that there may be slight changes in schedules. Rides and horseback riding outdoors are subject to weather conditions.
  • Recommended time to call your children: from 8:00 p.m. (Irish time).

Included in the price of the dressage camp in Ireland:

  • Full board accommodation in shared rooms in the guest house 1 km from the equestrian center.
  • 15 hours of riding lessons (dressage, jumping, cross country and horseback riding, according to program).
  • 10 hours of English classes per week.
  • 1 recreational activity per day: archery, falconry, boating.
  • English level test and all material.
  • Adult supervision at all times outside daily schedule.
  • Supervision by the guesthouse staff.
  • Laundry service once a week.
  • Return airport transfers: 200€
  • Dublin Airport flight arrivals and departures: MONDAY MORNING ONLY between: 10h - 12.30h.
  • Return flight check-in assistance.

Not included in the price of the dressage camp in Ireland:

  • Pocket money: airports, group excursion.
  • Sunday lunch in forest café.
  • Special diets (Celiac / Gluten free / Vegetarian etc.) have an additional cost of 50€/week.
  • Any transfers to or from Dublin Airport, outside airport transfer times.
  • Flights not included.

The “Dressage Camp in Ireland” is tailored to riders who wish to exude a sense of grace and precision as they navigate the arena with their horse. For the jumpers, show jumping, cross country, and exploring the trails and lakes whilst improving their level of English.

Click here for our Equestrian Riding Pre-Trip Checklist, helpful tips and documentation requirements for minors traveling to Ireland.

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