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English, French and Spanish classes for Professionals and Companies.

English Horse Riding Camps in Ireland.

Equestrian Horseback Riding programs for adults, teenagers and children in Ireland.

English Horse Riding Camps in Ireland.

At Airlinguee, we extend our language education services beyond our physical locations to professionals and companies in Spain and worldwide through our online platform. Our comprehensive language classes cater to the specific needs of professionals seeking to enhance their language skills for career advancement and business success. Whether you’re in Spain or anywhere else in the world, our expert instructors deliver personalized language training tailored to your industry and proficiency level.

Through interactive online sessions, we offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate busy professionals’ hectic schedules. Our goal is to empower individuals and organizations with the language proficiency needed to thrive in today’s globalized world, fostering effective communication and unlocking new opportunities for growth and success.

At Airlinguee, we are more than just a language immersion programme for businesses and professionals; we are also an English Horse Riding Camp and Equestrian Holiday provider in Ireland. We’re a passionate community that fosters growth, learning, and connection.

Primarily, we excel as specialists in English language classes, prioritizing spoken English proficiency throughout the learning journey. With unwavering commitment, we prioritize cultivating spoken English proficiency at every step of the learning voyage.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to empower individuals through language and equestrian sport and education. Whether you’re here to improve your English fluency or refine your horse riding skills, we provide the guidance, support, and resources you need to succeed.

What Sets Us Apart

What makes us unique? It’s our commitment to excellence, personalized approach, and unwavering dedication to our students’ success. Our experienced instructors are not only experts in their fields but also caring mentors who go above and beyond to ensure every individual reaches their full potential.


Rest assured, our horse riding camps in Ireland programs are accredited by reputable organizations such as “The Irish Horse Riding Establishment” and “The British Horse Riding Society.” This recognition underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality education and upholding industry standards.

Our equestrian and English Horse Riding Camps and horseback riding holidays in Ireland are tailored to all levels of Horse Lovers and Equestrian Enthusiasts who are passionate about equestrian sport and are looking for a more stimulating learning experience, speaking and learning English on horseback in a relaxed international equestrian environment.

English Horse Riding Camps in Ireland.

In collaboration with our academic and equestrian partners and centres, we organise English horse riding camps in Ireland and Equestrian Programs, Holidays and equine courses. We specialise in flatwork, show jumping, cross country, natural horsemanship, classical dressage, trail riding, and horse riding hacks.

Our English horse riding camps in Ireland,  equestrian holidays and equine courses prioritize enhancing the rider’s equestrian abilities and English proficiency. Our programs are accredited and endorsed by prestigious organizations like “The Irish Horse Riding Establishment” and “The British Horse Riding Society,” ensuring quality and credibility.

Our horse riding camps in Ireland: Equestrian Programs and Courses.

English Horse Riding Camps in Ireland suitable for teenagers, children and adults.

Our horse riding camps in Ireland: Equestrian Programs and Courses.

Our English horse riding camps in Ireland cater to individuals of all ages and equestrian skill levels, accommodating everyone from beginners to seasoned competitive riders.

Above all, our primary goal for our exceptional outdoor educational horse riding and English horse riding camps in Ireland is to immerse students and riders in an unforgettable learning experience. Here, amidst the picturesque landscapes and on horseback, participants not only master the English language but also forge a deep connection with nature.

In addition to daily English classes led by experienced and qualified instructors, our teaching methodology prioritizes the daily interactions of riders and students at the stables. Here, alongside our Irish horse riding instructors and equestrian staff, participants engage with fellow international riders and students, fostering a rich and immersive language-learning experience.

The Airlinguee Team:

Bronagh Reade (Barcelona and Dublin).

Dynamic Coordinator and Expert English Trainer offering courses in Barcelona and abroad.

A true horse lover, she is passionate about learning languages, particularly in the business and horsey world. She graduated in languages and business at The Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland and EADA in Barcelona and has lived in France, Italy, and Spain. She has worked for 29 years in the education sector as a coordinator, head of studies, and English language teacher in companies and schools in Barcelona, Italy, and France.  


Holding 30 years under her belt, she has dedicated herself to her lifelong passion project for the past eight years, providing equestrian horse riding courses and camps tailored for children, families and adults across Ireland. Her goal is to curate and provide engaging, effective, and enjoyable English courses designed to ignite your passion for language learning and foster meaningful progress in your English proficiency.

She has been working on her lifelong project for the past 8 years, offering equestrian horse riding courses and camps for young people and adults in Ireland. Our aim is to find you effective, productive and fun English courses that stimulate your learning in the English language.


Gael Jones (Dublin).

Responsible for English horse riding in Ireland.

Degree in Translation from Dublin City University. As a young woman she moved to France to learn the language. She decided to enter the sports tourism sector in Ireland 12 years ago and has held different positions as a translator and sports promoter in Irish schools. 


Over the last few years, she has moved into different fields,  promoting sport abroad. Her family have grew up with horses and has competed in several cross-country and show jumping contests on a national level in Ireland.


Airlinguee Partner Team:

Airlinguee partners with esteemed Equestrian Centres and Horse Riding Schools alongside renowned English Language Institutions across Ireland. Our direct collaboration with these esteemed partners spans eight years, during which we’ve prioritised personalised assessment and attention for students both before booking and throughout their equestrian and language-learning journeys. We take pride in our longstanding relationships and commitment to delivering exceptional experiences.