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Specialised English courses Ireland

The perfect blend for enhancing you English language skills!

Our specialised English courses cater to those needing focused language development for professional or academic purposes. These courses are perfect for anyone looking to improve their business communication, academic writing, or everyday conversation skills. Tailored to different industries and needs, offering practical training for effective communication. Whether you’re a professional, student, or entrepreneur, these specialised English programmes can significantly boost your language proficiency.

Specialised English courses Dublin:

  • Specialised & Business English classes.
  • Intensive English language courses.
  • Renowned Dublin Language School.
  • Personal Intensive Course.
  • Intensive Combined Course.
  • 20-30 hours per week.
  • Focused English language development.
  • Collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Professional and academic needs.
  • Boost everyday conversation proficiency.
  • Practical, hands-on training for effective communication.
  • Improve your business English language skills.
  • Between 9 and 14 students per class.
  • Morning & or afternoons.
  • Specialties: Effective Communication.
  • Ongoing support and monitoring by class teachers and Director of Studies.

Specialised English Courses
Intensive English classes:

  • Approved ACELS English Language school.
  • Professional & Academic tuition.
  • Age group: Adults.
  • Individual or Group tuition.
  • Focused on collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Building students’ confidence, accuracy and fluency.
  • Particular language skills.
  • Start: Monday 9am to Friday.
  • Group classes: mornings.
  • One-to-one tuition: afternoons.
  • Average: 9 and 14 students per class.
  • Level testing in oral and written skills.
  • Elementary to advanced levels.
  • Weekly assessments/tests.
  • Experienced and qualified ACELS-certified English teachers.
  • Department of Education Ireland approval.

Specialised English courses Dublin:

Specialised English Courses Accommodation:

  • Host family accommodation. (Year round).
  • HF: Breakfast and dinner.
  • Single rooms.
  • Summer: Optional self- catering residence.
  • Hotel and Guest House options.
  • Accommodation in local area.
  • Tram stop 7 mins walking distance.
  • Bike friendly.
  • Quiet and cozy environments.
  • Access to all mod-cons.
  • Internet access.
  • Clothes washing facilities.
  • Located 45 minutes from Dublin Airport.

Why choose our Specialised English courses

Business and technology professionals will greatly benefit from our specialised English courses in Dublin, given our tailored curriculum is designed to meet the unique needs of professionals in these fields. Our courses focus on practical language skills, industry-specific vocabulary, and real-world communication scenarios, ensuring that participants can confidently apply what they have learned in the workplace. 

Led by highly experienced instructors, a dynamic learning environment, and the vibrant city of Dublin as a backdrop, Airlinguee provides an enriching and immersive experience that not only enhances language proficiency but also offers valuable networking opportunities within the international business and tech community. We invite you to choose Airlinguee to advance your career and achieve your professional goals with our exceptional English language training.

Specialised English courses prices:

Year Round 2024

Arrival/Departure day: Sunday, 11 am-7 pm

Specialised English courses: Daily Timetable
Personal & Combined Intensive Courses

Monday – Friday: Group/Individual tuition with one or two different teachers.

  • 09:00 – 10:00: Teacher 1 – Grammar and Use of Language
  • 10:00 – 10:15: early-morning break
  • 10:15 – 11:15: Teacher 1 – Speaking and Listening Skills
  • 11:15 – 11:30: mid-morning break
  • 11:30 – 12:30: Teacher 2 – Fluency Practice and Consolidation
  • 12.30-1.30: Lunch
  • 14.30-16.30: Teacher 2 /One-to-one English Classes
  • 17.00 – Free Time / Host Family or Residential.
  • 18.00 -19:00– Host Family Dinner.
Course Fees Specialised English courses Ireland Per Week Restaurant Voucher Dublin Airport Transfer

SPC1 A 30 hours of individual tuition
SPC1 B 25 hours of individual tuition
SPC1 C 20 hours of individual tuition


60€ / week (Optional)

Private transfer: 100€ / student each way
Shared transfer: €60 each way
SPC3 20 Group and 10 Individual tuition


*Specialised English courses include:

  • Monday-Friday.
  • 20-25-30 hours of English classes per week.
  • Tuition (60 minutes per lesson).
  • Pre-course assessment & on-boarding.
  • Teaching materials.
  • Welcome Kit with guides & maps.
  • Study Centre & WiFi.
  • Diploma on completion of course
  • End-of-course certificate and evaluation.
Accommodation Specialised English courses Ireland Per Week Dublin Airport Transfer

Student Residential Accommodation: SELF CATERING
January - EARLY June/September-December.

From €350
From €370

Private transfer: 100€ / student each way
Shared transfer: €60 each way
Host Family-Single Room-Half-Board (B&B)
Host Family-Twin Room-Half-Board (B&B), (subject to availability).
Extra night Host Family:

Not included in Specialised English courses Ireland:

  • Accommodation.
  • Booking fee: 90.75€ per student.
  • Host Family with private bathroom: €70 per week.
  • Host family summer supplement (bookings 2-11 weeks from June 30th to September 1st): €35.
  • Course Registration Fee: €100.
  • Individual Airport Transfers: €100 each way.
  • Shared Airport Transfers: €60 each way.
  • Accommodation Registration Fee: €100.
  • Refundable residence deposit of €150 is required on arrival.
  • Hot Lunch Voucher at Language School: €60 euros / week.
  • Celiac -Vegetarian-Gluten-Free-Vegan menu incurs an additional cost of: €40 / week.
  • Textbooks, if applicable: €50.
  • Any additional excursions offered at weekends not included in course cost: €45.
  • A security deposit of €50 euros is required on the first day, refunded at the end of the course against damages.
  • Bank Charges non-EU: €35.
  • Flights not included.

Our Specialised English courses in Ireland offer tailored learning experiences for professionals and students seeking specific language skills. These programmes are ideal for individuals aiming to enhance their business English, academic writing, or conversational fluency. Designed to meet the unique needs of various industries, these courses provide targeted training to improve communication efficiency. Whether you’re a working professional, a university student, or an aspiring entrepreneur, specialised English courses in Ireland can help you achieve your language goals. 

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