English and horse riding course for young riders


English and Horse Riding Course for Young Riders

Total immersion camps for young horse riders

Every summer we have fun with a English and horse riding course for young riders in Lleida. in Lleida. The students, children and young people from Barcelona and the Lleida region, travel to Tarrega to spend 5 fun days in our English and Equestrian course for Young Riders.

It should be noted that this is a total immersion course in English and horse riding to learn and speak English and have fun riding horses. The morning sessions are 4 hours a day at Tárrega Horse Riding School.

The equestrian camp consists of students learning to communicate in English in the equestrian and horse care and stable management camp. Students communicate in English with qualified teachers to learn to think in English, answer, ask questions, and ask for help in English.

These English courses on horseback are ideal activities for using horseback riding and horses to learn everyday English expressions, vocabulary, and phrasal verbs and to communicate in a practical way with fellow students, English teachers, and animals.

Children and young people have fun and get involved in each activity that interests them, as it is an outdoor activity with horses. They learn to make decisions and organize their tasks, which involve picking up the horses from the paddocks, taking them to the stable for grooming and returning them showered after riding. They have a great time learning English!

Our goal is that the children, through the English and Equestrian Course for young riders, communicate in English with their friends and teachers. In addition, learning English on horseback implies confidence and responsibility towards the horse and oneself.

If you would like to receive information on our international horse riding camps and English and Horse Riding Course for Young Riders in Ireland, please get in touch with us here.


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