10 reasons: Send your child to summer camp
Send your child to summer camp


Send your child to summer camp in Ireland: Advantages:

To send or not to send, that is always the question! Some parents may not know what to do to keep their children entertained and busy in the summer. Why not send the children to an English and Equestrian educational summer camp in Ireland, where they can enjoy outdoor horse riding lessons under the watchful eye of horse experts? Here are some reasons to send your child to summer camp!

Firstly, our educational summer language and horseback riding camps provide the perfect setting for international horse riders, where students will be fully immersed in the English language, in and out of the yard, stables, riding arena, cross-county courses or the classroom, and will be required to communicate in English in practical, real-time outdoor situations strengthening their knowledge in the English language.

Undoubtedly, horse riders and students of the English language will meet and make new international horsey friends, where the common denominator of the conversations in English will be the love and commitment of the students and riders to the horses they will ride and care for.

How to choose a good horseback riding camp abroad:

10 reasons to send your child to summer camp:

First and foremost, finding a summer camp where horse riders and English language learners can perfect an equestrian discipline or learn to ride a horse and, in the process, strengthen their English language skills requires good planning and some research on English and Horseback Riding courses and summer camps offered abroad. Do not fear! There are several ways of going about finding out what options for English and horseback riding summer camps are available by nose-diving into the following places:

  1. Equestrian and Equestrian Centers.
  2. English Schools or English Academies that collaborate with Equestrian and Equestrian Centers.
  3. Secondary School Year including Horse Riding in Ireland.

Secondly, it is advisable to think about what type of summer camp best suits your son or daughter to make sure that the horseback riding and English programs in the foreign country suit your child’s English language needs and horse-riding competencies. So do make sure the English Language and Equestrian Camp offers the right level of equestrian disciplines of interest and riding lessons according to the rider’s level and experience.

Without a doubt, there are horse riding schools and English language schools that specialize in certain equestrian disciplines and riding courses that combine the disciplines of dressage, show jumping, cross-country, horseball, horseback riding, hacks and trail riding with English classes for young students.

If your son or daughter is a horse lover and you are interested in helping him or her improve his or her English level, it is also advisable to study the offers of the camps horseback riding abroad in advance. In addition, it is highly recommended that you talk to the organizers in order to choose the best option according to the level of riding and English of your son or daughter.

The advantages of going to an English summer camp are endless and even more so when students are immersed in the English language while having fun. Here are some advantages of taking your son or daughter to a summer riding camp in Ireland:

10 reasons to send your child to summer camp

Have fun and learn to speak English in an international environment that motivates your child’s learning and skills. 10 reasons to send your child to summer camp:

  1. Fun for the children: children want to have fun in the company of other children of their age and it is also the main objective that they enjoy an unforgettable atmosphere and experiences during the camp.
  2. Learning together with peers: living with other children makes them learn what companionship is, share with their peers, and have new experiences.
  3. Learning and its promotion: Learning is always fun and even more so when it is practical and with friends.
  4. Social skills are developed: Children meet new people and environments and develop new friendships, empathy and generosity.
  5. Educational values: values such as companionship, teamwork, increased self-esteem, competitiveness and independence are some of the values that are developed in a summer camp.
  6. Develop good habits: Children develop the ability to follow daily habits and increases the child’s willpower. A good routine:
  7. Innovation: The new activities that the child will learn about and perform and will help him/her learn about him/herself.
  8. Autonomy: As it is an unfamiliar place for the child and he/she will perform activities individually as well, which will help him/her to improve his/her self-learning.
  9. Smoother communication: all the experiences you have had at camp you will want to share and this will help you improve your communication skills.
  10. Attention for parents: It is important for parents to choose the camp they will take their children to, and to be sure that they are with real professionals who will take care of their children.

10 reasons to send your child to summer camp

Finally, you are looking for one or several of the 10 reasons to send your child to a summer camp to stimulate your child’s English learning? Here we invite you to take a look at all of our practical information about travel preparation and the documentation required for minors to travel to Ireland.

Also, before traveling to Ireland, please consult all updated information on minors traveling alone with the Department of Justice in Ireland: http://www.inis.gov.ie/en/INIS/Pages/travel-with-children

Improving and perfecting English takes time, we firmly believe that motivation and stimulation is the key and that is why we make it possible. If you wish, please contact contact us for more information.

10 reasons to send your child to summer camp!

Live, learn, ride!


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