Perfect your English this summer with our horseback riding camp.
Perfect your english


Perfect your English this summer with our horseback riding camp.

Is it possible to perfect English by the hand of the equestrian?

The short answer to whether it is possible to perfect your English this summer with our riding camp is: ABSOLUTELY! Just remember that you’re not going to see an overnight change, and the big secret to squeezing more English into your day is to do and take the things you would normally do in Spanish and change them into English. And why not with horses?

For example, the majority of our courses at Airlinguee: the Equestrian Intensive for young people in Ireland combines 3 hours of equestrian disciplines per day with 3 hours of English classes. For the greatest individual benefit, the groups are small, between 8 and 12 students, and for the diet, there is no need to worry, because we have nutritionists and 4-star cooks, experts in the diet. So the stay with the horses will even be healthy.

And we cannot forget about adults and familiesWe are also interested in taking advantage of our trips abroad by speaking English and why not do it riding a horse in Ireland? and that’s why some of the riding schools in Ireland offer horseback riding courses for adults and families on their own farms and farmsteads as well. Within these programs you can practice and improve the disciplines of dressage, jumping, cross-country or even horseback riding in equestrian centers approved by The Irish Riding Establishments and The British Horse Society.

Perfect your English this summer with our horseback riding camp with English and horseback riding lessons.:

To learn the language we use a series of strategies that will boost English proficiency and fluency. Today it is important to make good use of audiovisual material in this sense, to be in contact with films and videos that encourage a better use of English at any stage and result in a better understanding of the language.

Whatever hobbies you have, we will take advantage of them for a better understanding of the language, for example, listening to music can help you in that sense, or in this particular case, the equestrian activity as part of the language reinforcement.

Improve your English this summer with our riding camp with English Lessons:

We give students the opportunity to stay in a family residential farm and receive equestrian lessons in a center approved by the Association of Irish Riding Establishments and the British Horse Society. We also offer equestrian vacations for adults, families, individuals and groups, where you can choose between Bed & Breakfast stays, in a nearby hotel or even stay in one of the apartments available on the equestrian farms.

The only thing left for the student to do is to choose the type of specialty he/she wants to practice on horseback: dressage, jumping, cross-country or horseback riding routes.

The prices are the best in the market, with the possibility of choosing between intensive courses of one, two, three or even four weeks. Our attention is personalized and with teachers of equestrian practice and English who have the proper credentials. Traveling to Ireland is a unique and unforgettable experience, with a lasting effect on English language learning.

Groups will vary according to age and experience:

All the riding schools are approved and have enough space to combine multiple educational activities. Each and every activity is supervised by the center’s staff and you will enjoy every minute of the day challenging physical activity on horseback with mental skills.

Improving your English takes time, but we make it possible and in record time, so we invite you to get in touch with us. contact us for more information about equestrian courses in English and to discuss the topic of how to perfect your English with our English and horseback riding camps.You will have the best opportunity to make your English take off.

Improve your English with our English and horseback riding camp.


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