The importance of English in the labor market


The importance of English in the labor market:

Globalization to the virtual online world during the year 2020, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, has further boosted the importance of English in the labor market. English is undoubtedly the universal language par excellence and although English is not the official language in most countries, it is the language most commonly taught as a second language.

Needless to say, English is the most widely used language in communication around the world, and the information that researchers have gathered on communication and English has meant that the two terminologies have always gone hand in hand. Good communication creates a good atmosphere and a better relationship between all members of all organizations, especially if you have contact with foreigners, and English is a required element in all negotiations.

With Airlinguee’s online English classes, effective English will be at your fingertips:

The ability to speak another language is a skill and the importance of English in the job market.

Speaking a language is now considered a skill, in fact, large companies, both in China and elsewhere, are looking for this kind of professional. The importance of the English language in the workplace remains a major concern for any employer who has contact with other countries.

Productivity is of paramount importance in any business sphere. A recent survey revealed that 95% of employers believe that English improves employee productivity, compared to 5% who do not. Therefore, the importance of English in today’s job market is paramount.

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It is not surprising then to conclude that 66% of employers have rejected applicants due to lack of English proficiency, while 26% would do so if faced with such a case. But young people emphasize

The importance of English in the labor market provides them with greater professional opportunities. The younger the professional, the more languages he or she is able to handle fluently.

But how do hiring managers help new employees with their English language proficiency? Hiring an English academy that provides corporate-level classes for professionals, such as Airlinguee. Only in this way will everyone have the required level of the language and be fluent and successful. In addition, eight out of ten job offers require English, eight out of ten job offers require English here in Spain.

There are many factors that point to why English language learning has experienced growth in the number of speakers in recent years, but it all boils down to the fact that English is the “global language” of business, politics, international relations, culture and entertainment in many countries around the world. And that’s just an understatement, because English is not an official language in many countries, but it is the language most taught as a foreign language in schools and colleges.

Do you want the best command of this language for job success?

  Effective English classes with Airlinguee is your best option.

If you’ve been wondering how to improve your English language skills, then it’s time to enroll in a good English language school such as Airlinguee . We understand that the importance of English in the job market is growing even more at a virtual speed!

For more information, clarifications and details about our English classes, please contact us or write to our email address.

To clarify your doubts and get to know us better, write to us here explaining the type of English classes that best suit you and so it is time to increase the quality of your English conversations at work, interviews or CVs by speaking English as a foreign language.

The importance of English in the labour market


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