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The Best Equestrian and English Courses abroad


Equestrian and English Courses abroad



The Best Equestrian and English courses abroad.


Fortunately, there are a wide range of the Best Equestrian and English courses abroad to avail of, which include the option of studying the English language within the equestrian horse-riding courses and programs to foreign language students.

Nevertheless, look no further as some of the Best Equestrian courses abroad, combined with English Language Classes, can be found in Ireland.   Additionally, the best equestrian horse-riding camps, which are tailored to teenagers, children & even adult horse riders, generally, integrate English classes into the equestrian course or horse riding staycation. This is turn, makes choosing the right course much easier.

Furthermore, our equestrian horse-riding specialists are ready to gear you up for your dream equestrian holiday or staycation, be it for the individual adult horse rider, couples, groups of student horse riders, friends or the entire family.

Having said that, when it comes to deciding, how do you actually know which Equestrian Horseback & English language course abroad to choose? And most importantly,  is in fact, aligned with your horse-riding equestrian competencies & skills and level of English?

Firstly, there are a variety of equestrian & English language courses abroad on offer to the horse lover, which tailor the equestrian disciplines to beginner levels right up to the more advanced & competitive horseback rider.

The good news is, most horseback riding courses & staycations include a variety of disciplines in their programs, from basic groundwork classes, show jumping, cross-country (eventing), to improving your competitive show jumping or horseball skills & equestrian horse-riding hacks & trekking.  

Likewise, there is also an ample choice of adult equestrian staycations on offer, including horse riding hacks and trekking, for the more relaxed horse rider, (and incidentally, we highly recommend considering Ireland, not only for its in-depth knowledge of equines, but also for its breathtaking scenery).


Tips on what to take into account and the Best Equestrian and English courses abroad.


When it comes to making the right decision for you, always exploring your options on which of the Best Equestrian and English courses abroad would best suit you is highly recommendable.  Here are a few tips on what to take into account when scouring for the perfect horse riding combination:

  • Equestrian disciplines of interest to you offered by horse horse riding school or equestrian centre (groundwork, show jumping, cross country, eventing, competitive show jumping, horseball).
  • Your travel, holiday or staycation budget.
  • Preferred accommodation: Onsite Equestrian Centre / Farmhouse accommodation, Country Style Manor, Host Family or Hotel.
  • Enquire about what type of English classes are included for youngsters and lexical content of English classes.
  • Accommodation & length of stays offered by the horse-riding school or English School in Ireland.
  • Verify that the equestrian centre or horse-riding school is certified and approved by The Association of Irish Riding Establishments or The British Horse-Riding Society.
  • Verify that the centres are certified & teachers and horse riding instructors are qualified & experienced.
  • Check the total number of horse-riding lessons and English classes included in the course.
  • Whether recreational activities, day trips or cultural trips are included in the course.
  • Will juniors & minors be supervised at all times by an adult, teacher or tutor during their stay?
  • Research well in advance what airline companies offer travel assistance to under 18 unaccompanied children or teenagers flying on their own. NB. Please find further information on all the documentation required for under 18 unaccompanied travellers at Ireland’s passport control & practical travel information here in our FAQs section.
  • Do take out travel, accident, illness and cancellation insurance that covers the equestrian trip abroad. Horse riding is categorised as a risk sport!
  • All reputable horse-riding centres must have third party insurance but always advisable to double check.

Addedly, before making your final decision on your equestrian horse-riding course, the following points should also be taken into consideration:


The Best Equestrian and English courses abroad. What’s on offer?


First and foremost, on the first day of course commencement, all students’ horse-riding levels will be assessed by qualified horse-riding instructors and will be placed in the most appropriate group. Aligning the student’s equestrian competences and experience in the saddle.

Naturally, they will also be allocated a horse or pony that will bring out the best in their equestrian horseback riding competences and skills. In addition, a qualified horse riding instructor will be at hand. All riding instruction will be given by qualified and certified riding instructors:  The Irish Association of Riding Clubs and / or The British Horse-Riding Society.

The Best Equestrian & English Courses abroad programs generally include 2-3 hours of daily Equestrian Horseback Riding classes (Monday-Friday).   Some equestrian courses only offer the equestrian horse riding lessons in their programs, which may not work for teenagers and youngsters, leaving the rest of the day free for the student to do as they please.

Fortunately, Airlinguee,  in addition to weekly equestrian horse riding competitions and horse-riding lessons of  (3 hours/day), provides daily English classes (3 hours/day), cultural excursions & day trips, horse riding hacks in groups and daily recreational activities to promote the integration of students in an international environment and, of course, immersion in the English language throughout the whole day in real life, everyday situations.

Our equestrian centres in Ireland, specialise in the disciplines of groundwork, show jumping, cross country, competitive show jumping techniques, horseball, horse riding treks &  beach riding.

The Best Equestrian & English Courses abroad include full immersion in the English language so that the student and rider returns home with an unparalleled experience, perfecting their equestrian sporting technique in saddle and an abundance of valuable knowledge in the English language!

However, if you are looking for a more relaxing Equestrian & English program or staycation, do not despair as you can always opt for our Horse-Riding Hacks and Trail Riding on Ireland’s impressive Atlantic beaches option.


What is the most important factor when choosing one of the Best Equestrian and English courses abroad?


The most important aspect, regardless of which English horse-riding course you choose, is that the English teachers are qualified, the equestrian centres are accredited and the horse riding instructors are experienced equine professionals.

What type of equestrian accommodation is offered on the Best Equestrian and English courses abroad?

As a general rule, the following horse riding accommodation is offered by Irish Equestrian Centres:


Accommodation the best equestrian and english courses abroad

Onsite Equestrian / Farm house Accommodation and the Best Equestrian and English Courses


  • Horse riders will stay in a cosy country house with the owners of the equestrian centre in shared accommodation of 2 – 6 bedrooms.  You will also have the entire equestrian estate at your disposal, including the indoor and outdoor all-weather arenas, equestrian facilities, stables, horses and ponies, at just a stone’s throw away. All of our equestrian horseback riding centres are approved and certified & hold a valid First Aid certificate which meets the requirements of  FAR (First Aid Responder) or BHS Equine Specific.

The horse riding stables are stretched across anywhere from between 80 to 480 acres of luscious fields, meadows and pastures, show arenas, horse-exercising equipment, stables and parking areas. Onsite equestrian accommodation in the equestrian owners’ country house is equipped with communal dining area, living room, laundry room, recreational areas,  gardens, and additional services and exclusive equine equipment. Junior equestrian horse-riding programs generally provide 1 group leader per 10 – 15 junior students.


The Best Equestrian and English Courses abroad



Countryside Manors and the Best Equestrian and English courses abroad:


Generally speaking, horse riders will lodge in bright, spacious and cosy 3-4-bedroom houses with other international english language students, including 3 – 4-ensuite bathrooms per house. Common dining area / living rooms / recreational areas and private gardens. Atlantic sea views. Maximum capacity 12 students per house. Average of 1 group leader per 11 students. Located 5 minute-walk from the English Language School. Main village 15 minutes-walk away.

Residential accommodation equestrian and english courses abroad


Residential Accommodation and the Best Equestrian and English Courses abroad:


In our Residential Accommodation and the Best Equestrian & English Courses abroad, horse riders will reside in prestigious school residences in shared2 – 3 bedrooms, in a comfortable & friendly international environment. The accommodation consists of a small development of 4-bedroom houses. Each house includes 4 bedrooms, 3 to 4 bathrooms, a spacious kitchen, a living room and all amenities. Furthermore, these houses are situated in a quiet cul-de-sac less than a minute walk from the Bay and the Atlantic Ocean and 20 minutes-walk from the old quarter of the village.

Junior housing capacity in our residential horseback riding programs is 8 – 11 students (two to four students per room and 1 coordinator) per house. We also have BD country houses (only available in summer), a very large 7-bedroom house, which can comfortably accommodate 20 students under the supervision of 2 coordinators. Common dining areas, recreational areas, gardens and additional amenities.


host family equestrian and english courses abroad


Host Family Accommodation and the Best Equestrian and English Courses abroad:


Equestrian Centre & Host Family accommodation on the best Equestrian & English courses abroad. Airlinguee closely collaborates with approved & certified horse-riding schools in Ireland. Living with an Irish Host Family is always a unique & memorable experience & will guarantee greater immersion in the English language during the student’s equestrian stay. Junior horse-riding students will be introduced to a variety of diverse linguistic situations with other young Irish people of the same age and will learn to use the language in a familiar and natural environment.

This in turn will encourage them to quickly enrich their communication skills, by familiarizing themselves with new vocabulary, enhancing their oral comprehension, expressions and idioms in English.   Likewise, host family homes are also spacious, most have their own gardens and the rooms usually have one or two single beds, allowing students the option of sleeping in a single or shared room.


How to choose a Host Family and the Best Equestrian and English courses abroad?

Host families for the equestrian horse riders, who are all carefully selected at Airlinguee, in collaboration with our accredited English Language schools in Ireland, have been hosting international students for over 10 years. Our families will be happy to share their homes, culture and lifestyle with students & horse riders. Moreover, and for all of us who are parents: For the safety & well-being of students residing with Irish families, all host families will have previously been assessed to comply with the national vetting bureau requirements.


What countries provide the Best Equestrian and English Courses abroad? Which countries offer the best horse-riding courses?  

Abroad, the majority of countries in Europe offer equestrian & horse riding courses in English, but not all of them include English lessons taught to foreign students by experienced English teachers nor hold as much love & hands-on experience in horses as the Irish!


Why Ireland is the ideal location for the Best Equestrian and English courses abroad.

Speaking from experience, we can actually say that Ireland tops the rankings in equestrian culture and its genuine love for horses. Courses are designed by equine experts for horse riders & horse lovers & are guaranteed an experience in pristine equestrian centres, surrounded by spectacular scenery in the great outdoors.   What’s more, Ireland offers an impeccable level of English and that’s priceless if you’re looking to come back from your trip with ample practice in real English.

First & foremost, equestrian horse riders with be supervised and instructed by experts in a very friendly, natural and pleasant environment, typical of Ireland!


What are the Best Equestrian and English language courses offered by Airlinguee abroad?

  1. Junior Equestrian Camp Ireland: Aged 8-16 years.
  2. Horseback Riding and English Camp Ireland: Aged 8-17 years.
  3. Equestrian Horseball Camp Ireland: From 11 years upwards.
  4. Leveled Horse Riding and English Camp Ireland: Aged 10-19 years.
  5. English And Equestrian Horse-Riding Camp: Aged 11-17 years.
  6. Intensive Equestrian Horse Riding: Aged 10-18 years.
  7. Multi-Adventure English Language Camp: Aged 12-16 years.


Last but by no means least, when choosing one of the Best Equestrian and English Courses abroad for your children, especially if you are thinking of sending your youngsters abroad, do enquire about who is going to take care of them during their horse riding trip, how reputable the company is, how much experience they have & who we are entrusting our children to.

Student riders are guaranteed the best horseback riding courses in English and Equestrian training on the best equestrian and English Courses abroad, in a variety of equestrian centres and riding schools in Ireland – The choice is yours!


The Best Equestrian and English Courses abroad.

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