If you’ve ever dreamed of escaping abroad and horse riding, why not consider spending your next vacation, living the dream on one of our horse riding courses for adults and equestrian packages in Ireland?

Imagine spending a holiday riding on horseback, staying on an equestrian farm and riding around the equestrian estates every day. There are a vast number of horse riding courses for adults from charming hotel settings with hundreds of hectares of natural habitat, forests and stunning landscapes to be discovered to  family-run equestrian centres managed by Irish equine experts.

On return from you daily thrill on horseback, a relaxing and quaint setting awaits you back at your accommodation, where warm conversations in English begin!

We have several horse riding courses for adults for groups, families, couples and individuals, offering a combination of holidays on horseback and a guaranteed unmatched experience in equestrian centres and farms, hotels and enchanting castles, where guests will be greeted with a “Warm Welcome to Ireland”.


What do Adult Horse riding courses in Ireland offer?

These riding courses and equestrian holidays include indoor and outdoor arena flatwork, where the horse rider will benefit from riding on the flat, show jumping on horseback disciplines, “mini” cross-country and / or full cross country course or horseback riding on the Atlantic beaches, mountains, lush meadows and unspoiled nature that Ireland offers.

It is worth mentioning that all horse riding courses for adults offer horseback riding experiences adapted to all horse riding levels, from novice-riders to the more competitive rider.

Similarly, travel companions who prefer taking a cultural trip or even do another sport such as golf, cycling, fishing ,falconry, nature walks, in nearby amenities, can also be accommodated. Furthermore, companions are not obliged to go horseback riding so if you want to come with your partner or friend, we will make their stay in Ireland as pleasant as possible so they can sit back and you enjoy your horse riding course for adults.


1. Young Adult Horse Course (including English classes).

First of all, if you are an over 18 year old horse rider, a highly recommendable choice is to opt for one of our: Horse Riding Young Adults in Ireland or Trail Riding courses, which offer full immersion in the English language in a prestigious educational setting. The Horse riding course for Adults offers the horse rider training in the saddle in flatwork, show jumping and cross country combined with Horseback Riding on the beaches, in dunes and mountains on the Irish Atlantic coasts.

The equestrian program consists of between 1.5 hours and 2 hours of horseback riding a day and 3 hours a day of dynamic English lessons at the English language academy, certified and approved by Education in Ireland and ACELS. Truly, an immemorial experience in English for all students where making friends and socialising with other international students who lodge in  the Country-Style Manor houses, Student Apartments or with an Irish Host Families, in beautiful rural towns and villages, is all part of the educational experience. For those students who opt for the Trail Riding courses for Adults, previous experience and competence in the gallop is required.


2. Specialized courses in flatwork, show jumping and cross country disciplines. (including English classes).

Ideal for horse riders who wish to improve their technique having previously trained in show jumping and competitions and who hold experience in jumping from at least 1 metre.

It should be noted that the Show Jumping course enables the horse rider perfect their competencies in the saddle. These riding courses in Ireland, on the other hand, also offer the chance to participate in show jumping tournaments at national level during their equestrian stay.

Students will be working with equine equestrian experts (Irish and International) with over 25 years of experience, which will enable them to fully develop their competitive techniques.

Most importantly! To ensure that the specialised horse riding course for adults is suitable for riders, students are required to send a video so that the horse riding instructors can evaluate their Show Jumping Skills and techniques.

To take full advantage of the riding course in Ireland, we recommend students opting for a 2-week-stay.

For more detailed information about horse riding courses specialized in flatwork, show jumping and cross country.



Our Horse Rider Training and Coaching includes:

  • Instruction in the Correct Technique in show jumping courses.
  • Improving horse agility and resistance.
  • Horse Rider’s fitness.
  • Learn how to correctly “face” the horse into the jump.
  • Compete in Show Jumping Competitions.
  • Horse handling and equine care.
  • Safety of the riders.


3. Horseback riding for Adults.

First of all, our horseback riding course in Ireland will allow you to significantly improve your self-confidence in the disciplines of Leap, Doma, Cross Country on horseback, especially if you have been riding for a long time while practicing your English, in short this course is aimed at people who want to enjoy nature and perform one of the horse riding courses for adults.

Secondly, the horseback riding program for adults in Ireland consists of 2 hours a day of horseback riding in an international setting with experts in working on the flat, show jumping and cross-country riding, who have been teaching adult and young horse riders, of all ages and levels, for more than 30 years.

The riding lessons are suitable for small groups and there will never be more than 7 people in a class, so that the riding instructors can attend to the needs of each individual rider and their progress in the saddle.

Availability from 3 to 6 nights. Horse riding levels for adults range from novice to intermediate. On the last day of the program horse riders are encouraged to partake in a horse riding competition.

Learn more about Horseback Riding in Ireland for adults here.

Adult riding courses in Ireland


4. Horseback Riding (If you don’t wish to do an Adult Riding Course).

Ireland is the best choice, if this is your first time to enter the world of horse riding or horseback riding traveling with your family, partner or even a group, the Horseback Riding in Ireland program is the perfect choice for you! During your stay in Ireland you will be able to learn and even improve how to walk, trot, canter or gallop (Flatwork), Show Jump or even try out a Cross-Country course in our equestrian centers.

The family equestrian farm we recommend is spread out over 153 hectares. The installations include outdoor and indoor arenas to enhance your skills on the flat, show jumping and cross-country amongst other disciplines, as well as vast terrain for horseback riding.

The equestrian farm and centre is approved and certified by The Irish Riding Establishments and The British Horse Riding Society. Also, national competitions are held on the equestrian grounds, according to the season.

All our onsite facilities are available to our horseback riders so that guests can make the most of the horseback riding hacks and treks. In fact, all visitors are encouraged to use our facilities and amenities with the aim of improving in the discipline of interest under our international horse riding experts’ instruction.

Learn more about Horseback Riding In Ireland here.

Horse riding courses for adults in Ireland

Horseback riding in Ireland

5. Combined Equestrian Vacation

Last but by no means least, another alternative to horseback riding courses for adults is The Combined Equestrian Pack a perfect choice for horse riders who are dreaming of:

  • Family Horseback Riding trips.
  • The Lone Rider trip.
  • Group Horseback Riding trips.
  • Horseback riding trips and horseback riding hacks.
  • Accommodation in equestrian centres.

In short, if you want to travel to Ireland and take an adult horseback riding course or visit a horseback riding centre, the choice is endless, find out more at our horse riding courses for adults at Airlinguee.com. A guaranteed equestrian experience!