How to organize your time to learn English
Cómo organizar tu tiempo para aprender inglés


How to organize your time to learn English

What would be easier to memorise?

  • 1000 words of a story in English?
  • Ten short stories of 100 words each?


The obvious answer to how to organize your time to learn English is number two, as you may have been able to guess, and that is that people learn best by taking in small bits of information and then internally organizing what we perceive.

As we incorporate additional pieces of information into our mind it will be linked, classified and related to what we have previously learned.

How to organize your time to learn English and combining between natural and methodical learning approaches

This is not a complicated task if you manage it efficiently and learning a language does not have to be expensive, you just need the means. And there is a wide range of free online applications online applications that are being improved every day.

The fastest way to learn English is certainly to go to a particular country that speaks that language, but not everyone can do this. However, there are still many ways to improve your learning without making an expensive trip abroad.

We are talking about natural learning, because children have the ability to learn several languages very easily.

The reason they do so with better ability than an adult is that they learn to immerse themselves in the language. When we can learn in the same way as our children, we learn more efficiently, in short, this is the natural method. In contrast to this, there is the methodical learning approach, which we are taught in school or in direct instruction classrooms.

Each individual has a different learning style, so by integrating both types of learning, you can put yourself at an advantage. You can learn naturally, through a course that promises “immersion” (like ours) or by speaking with native speakers, and in a traditional classroom format.

Always carry a pocket dictionary or an app on your cell phone, and cow to organize your time to learn English:

How to organize your time to learn English: Always carry a pocket dictionary and it can be a bit of a hassle, you may need a slightly bigger bag than you are used to, but it is definitely worth it. A pocket dictionary or downloading an app on your cell phone is one solution or tool to help you make better use of your learning time.

If you are traveling and come across a word or phrase you don’t know, get out your dictionary and look it up. It seems like an easy thing to do, but it really works.

You can also apply this when walking around a local area, you can pick random items or places and look up how to say them in English. This links the object or situation you are looking at with the word itself, and is invaluable in forcing your mind to fluently combine the word with the item. You can also take a notepad with you to record your newly learned words.

Take your time to think in English:

Before you plan how to organize your time to learn English, try to think about as much as you can in English. It sounds like quite a difficult task, but it is of great importance because one of the biggest problems when studying a foreign language like English is the habit of actively translating. If you make it a regular practice, it will be much more natural to learn and speak English.

And finally, we hope you have learned something about how to organize your time to learn English. Allocate sufficient time to study English. Set a number of hours during the week for study and meet your challenge, so take the time to slowly but steadily learn the language.


How to organize your time to learn English


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