Horseback Riding and English Camp Ireland

Our Horseback Riding and English Camp Ireland program is ideal for horse riders of all levels who wish to improve in flatwork, show jumping & eventing. 

A friendly international environment with horse riding specialists.

-April to November-

Come and explore the world of Horse Riding and enjoy a unique educational experience in English!


Horseback Riding and English Camp Ireland:

  • Onsite farmhouse accommodation.
  • Specialists in junior show jumping.
  • Horse Sport Competition Coaching.
  • Programs: Sunday-Sunday.
  • Ages 11 to 17 years old.
  • Recreational activities.
  • 3 hours of English classes / day.
  • 3 hours of daily riding.
  • Between 8 and 12 students per class.
  • Flatwork, show jumping and eventing.
  • Horseback riding hacks in hills and forests.
  • Friday: Competitions & Prize Giving.
  • AIRE-approved Equestrian Centre.

 1-7 week stays


Horseback Riding and English Camp Ireland:

The Horseback Riding and English Camp program includes 3 hours a day of riding lessons (morning or afternoon) and 3 hours of English classes (morning or afternoon), in a homely setting on the equestrian grounds with experts in flatwork, show jumping, cross country and horseback riding.  Holding over 10 years of experience teaching young Irish and foreign horse riders. Classes will never be more than 12 students, but in general there is usually an average of 10 students per group.

A minimum stay of 2 weeks is recommended at our Horseback Riding and English Camp so that the students fully benefit from the equestrian camp and english classes.  This horse riding camp can cater for Beginner to Advanced Horse Riding levels.

However, if you are looking to perfect your competitive show jumping techniques, are aged between 18 and 21 years of age, our Specialised in Competitive Show Jumping Camp would bring out the best in your horse riding skills. The equestrian centre is approved by “The Irish Horse Riding Establishments” and “The British Horse Riding Society”.

Horseback Riding and English Camp Ireland English classes:

  • 3 hours of daily English classes.
  • Timetable: 9am-12pm / 2pm-5pm (Monday to Friday).
  • Classes per age and english level.
  • Cambridge level testing.
  • End of the course Evaluation Certificate.
  • Between 8 and 12 students per class.
  • Ages between 11 and 17 years.
  • Average 10 per class.
  • Fun English lessons on the equestrian estate.
  • Oral expression, grammar and listening comprehension.
  • Qualified English teachers.

Horseback Riding and English Camp Ireland Facilities:

  • Private house country residence.
  • 80 hectares, spectacular forests and mountains.
  • 2 multipurpose riding arenas: 50m x 50m and 60m x 40m
  • Full 50 hectare Cross-Country course including 35 jumps.
  • 43 show jumping, eventing and cross country horses and ponies.
  • Horseback riding hacks in woods and forests.
  • Recreational areas.
  • WIFI.
  • Adult Supervision.
  • Parking area.

Horseback Riding and English Camp: 

The equestrian centre is approved by The Irish Riding Club Association. The owners, renowned coaches of the Junior Irish Show Jumping Team,  promote healthy lifestyles and care of the animals and horses. Their riding centre has over 80 hectares overlooking the mountains and forests and is located a short distance from the beaches.

This farm consists of an indoor and outdoor arena and a cross-country course. In turn, their 30 onsite Horses and Ponies are all suited to and graded in Show Jumping, Cross-country, Groundwork disciplines. As well as horseback riding hacks.  Come and visit and get a unique experience on horseback in an international family environment, making friends and speaking in English.

Horse riders aged between 8 and 11 years  are also always welcome, but would need to come along with an accompanying older horse rider during the equestrian stay in Ireland.

Horseback Riding and English Camp Ireland Accommodation:

  • Family Farmhouse.
  • Quiet and cozy atmosphere.
  • Dormitory rooms with 2 to 4 beds.
  • Common dining areas.
  • Home-Cooked food.
  • Recreational areas.
  • Supervised internet.
  • Laundry service.
  • Adult supervision.
  • Maximum capacity 24 riders.
  • Located 1 hour from Dublin Airport.

Horseback Riding and English Camp Ireland Prices and Stays 2022:

Spring – Easter – Summer – Autumn: April-November.

Arrival/Departure day: Sunday.


Show Jumping Camp Specialists Ireland


If you are a horse rider between 18 and 21 years of age, who already competes in show jumping competitions and you would like to perfect your equestrian techniques, under the watchful eye of equine experts, in English, check out our specialized jumping programme here:     
                                                                       Horse Riding Specialized in Show Jumping Competitions in Ireland.


Horseback Riding and English Camp Ireland Timetable:

Monday – Friday:

08.30 Breakfast.
09.30 English / horse riding lessons in rotation according to the level of the students,
13.00 Lunch.
13.45 Stable management, riders will be taught how to groom their own pony, check and clean equipment, develop a sense of responsibility and respect for their own safety and for the comfort and welfare of their equine companion.
14.00 English and riding lessons on a rotating basis according to the level of the pupils.
17.00 Return to the stable, prepare the horses, hay and water, clean the harness and harnesses and put them on.
17.30 Rest and recuperation, opportunity to shower and change before dinner.
18.00 Home cooked meal to enjoy together in the kitchen.
19.00 Leisure activities.
10.30 – 11.00 Lights out.

Evenings and weekends:
A selection of things to do in the evenings, depending on the weather, sports, games, barbecues, music, singing and dancing there is always plenty to do. On Fridays we will have some fun competitions and prize giving. Take a full day trip to one of the many scenic locations or enjoy a local shopping trip or perhaps visit a local horse/pony show.

Included in Horseback Riding and English Camp Ireland:

  • 15 hours of riding lessons (groundwork, show jumping, eventing and horseback riding).
  • 15 hours of English classes per week.
  • Cambridge level testing.
  • End of the course evaluation & certificate.
  • Onsite recreational evening activities.
  • Full board accommodation in dormitory-style rooms.
  • Day trip to local village.
  • Supervision by centre staff outside class hours.
  • Sunday Arrival and departure times: 8am-8pm.



  • Round-trip transfer costs to and from Dublin Airport at an additional cost of: 100 euros.
  • Pocket money.
  • Participate in local show jumping competitions. 
  • Optional Recreational activities on Saturdays: Sightseeing, shopping or a horse show entry.
  • Optional Cultural tour on Saturdays.
  • Flights not included.


The “Horse Riding and English in Ireland” camp is ideal for young people who want to improve their English, groundwork, showjumping and cross-country riding disciplines, in small groups whilst making international friends.


Learn English and ride horses

Learn, love, ride!

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Customer Recommendations  Horseback Riding and English Camp Ireland:

“The two best weeks of summer, amazing feeling in a beautiful place, learning a lot! Iría Zaragoza, July 2019”.

Luisa Company

“Delighted with the Airlinguee service. Great classes. A unique experience.”

Maríbel Sancho

“We went last year and was delighted, I will definitely repeat!”

Maria Carrazco

“There is no better way to enjoy Ireland with its landscapes and doing practice every day on horseback! Thank you!”

Carlos Cano

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